For Professionals, Mamagers, Executives (PMEs)
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Who Are we ?

ForteCentral is a Ground-Up initiative started by PMEs For PMEs. We are commited to help mature mid-career local PMEs (Professionals, Managers and Executives) to stay economically active while in transition or in-between jobs.

We outreach to mature PMEs while in the job searching process, to stay economically active by offering their invaluable corporate experiences, knowledge, Skill-sets as well as domain expertise to the community of Singapore based startup via freelancing arrangements for strategic assignments, portfolios and special projects. This pairing arrangements will benefit both the PMEs and startup since the Mature PMEs can contribute their real life corporate experiences, skills and network while the young founders can continue to focus on product and technology innovation.

For Mature Mid-Career PMEs

We can't stress enough the important of remaining economically active while you are in transtition or in-between job. We strive to mitigate your risk of job redundancies challenges during periods of economic uncertainties and technologies disruption. You will be joining a pool of experienced local PMEs communities collaborating together, taking on good assignments from Startup and stay relevant and resilient while continue to embrace changes. Your relevant Skill-sets will be match to Good Assignments from startup while you are in transition

For StartUP Communities

We co-create values with startup to enhance your business performance via effective paring of Right Skill-sets of experienced PMEs to your assignments. Our aim is to significantly improve your Go-to Market initiatives while reducing your business costs for staying competitive in the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) environment.

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